I imagined the Rubini house: on the wall the stories and memories from the past decades and cast open windows to the horizon.

Rubini is an completely Italian experience, dreamt and strongly desired, and it's thought as an olfactory project placing research and experimentation as the ideal condition to make the dream come true.

Rubini renders the power of a short-circuit between the high-perfumery craft and the contemporary image of a free and coherent esthetics aiming to suggest a future vision.

Rubini is the visual and olfactory translation of a memory stratification meant not just as a nostalgic, faulty memory but as timeless tale beyond fashion and trends.

- Andrea Rubini, founder

Two solid shells promise to protect and preserve an intimate and personal Italian experience.

The shells are a visual embodiment of the layers of memory, playing on the alternation of full and dense materials with others more fragile and light.

A glimpse through the glass suggests a vision to construct from the foundation a free and coherent future.

The search for a form, its imperfect materials, the experimental work. All ideal conditions to make a dream come true.

- Francesca Gotti, product designer