Rubini is an Italian independent brand conceiving perfumery as an artistic expression.

Founded by Andrea Bissoli Rubini, it channels his passion and a daring vision for high perfumery as a genuine research for new paths above all, leveraging on the best perfumery offers nowadays.

Since 2015, Rubini translated Italian creativity into an uncompromising forward-looking aesthetics.

“The way is all about passion, the same passion leading the Rubini family business in perfumery since 80 years.”

- Andrea Bissoli Rubini, founder

“Two solid shells promise to protect and preserve an intimate and personal Italian experience.

The shells are a visual embodiment of the layers of memory, playing on the alternation of full and dense materials with others more fragile and light.

A glimpse through the glass suggests a vision to construct from the foundation a free and coherent future.

The search for a form, its imperfect materials, the experimental work. All ideal conditions to make a dream come true.”

- Francesca Gotti, product designer



“Verona, 1937. The brightness of colognes and brilliantines Pietro Rubini provided to barbershops of the town is the first welcome getting into the small perfume shop downtown. «A face powder», says a lady, and suddenly the air is filled in fine powder and alluring smells. The heat of the scene costumes and lights exalts the dense smell of greasepaint he often gives as a gift to opera singers at the Arena to promote himself. The most daring smells though come at evening mixing smoke and mischievous talks to the perfumes and coquetries Pietro sells in the houses of pleasure after work. So I imagined these aromas layer and shine in the golden light of September that ripens Soave grapes to render a special man, his courage and passion for beauty as basic values now distilled in fundamental.”

- Ermano Picco, content designer

“The challenge was to encase and incorporate all the inputs, suggestions and expectations in a unique fragrance.

The foundations of the Rubini house are a balanced mix of contrasts and harmony. Such an ambitious and complex project would only be realized with the finest raw materials, mixing more traditional ingredients to innovative products from the perfume industry.

The harmonious result is due to a careful study of the formulation, designed to recreate a contemporary classic.”

- Cristiano Canali, nose


Bergamot, Mandarin, Soave Grapes Accord,

Italian Iris Butter, Clary Sage abs, Lavender Abs, Beeswax Abs, Labdanum,

Leather Accord, Vetiver Java MD, Castoreum Abs, Atlas Cedarwood, Cacao Abs, Sandalwood




Like music, perfume is an art of time: sounds as well as smells come to us to invade us and disappear.

As the airplane takes off, looking through the window the eye gets lots in the horizon where the blue kiss the ochre red: here perfumes and sounds from this land pervade us again, so intense they silence the droning engines. Like the primal frequency of the universe, their vibration expands in a circular wave from within.

Pulsing like the smell of spices and smoke, the roll of sacred drums in Ethiopia is related to every ritual, from religious ceremonies to every day’s gesture.

Down the Omo River Valley, the flow of time and senses is marked by these arcane woods. Like a music playing the chords of soul, invisible yet obsessive, the life in the Horn of Africa dances with the ebony bodies painted in ochre and clay, it sparkles in the eyes of its women as intense as tuberoses left in a closed room, and gives shelter to the traveller in its villages with the best hospitality customs.



Like an astonishing evocative symphony, Tambour Sacré translates the sensual yet mystic impetus of African rhythms.

Cristiano Canali gives his interpretation of this sound with the facets of Calabrian bergamot and cardamom vibrating thanks to the spiciness of white pepper in a dance as charming as a warm embrace.

The obscure notes of roasted coffee hammer over a candid pentagram of tuberoses in a primordial, almost erotic counterpoint, growing measure after measure with the intoxicating warmth of cinnamon.

The orchestral carpet of sandalwood and balsams add volume; the spiritual depth of myrrh from Somalia with its iridescent vapors and the sumptuousness of benzoin joined by tonka bean resonate in a gourmand oriental charming like the enigmas of the Queen of Sheba.

Bergamot from Calabria, Orange, Cardamom, White Pepper

Cinnamon, Acacia Farnesiana, Tuberose Absolute, Coffee Absolute CO2

Mysore Sandalwood, Myrrh from Somalia, Opoponax, Benzoin, Tonka Bean

Extrait de parfum


The iconic architecture of the Rubini packaging is pure rhythm in the flowing of dense and fragile layers and finds its narrative voice in the random flaws of the matter: iroko. Sacred tree to many African populations, iroko wood is traditionally used to build houses and to make musical instruments, drums included. As for glebanite®, true luxury lays in the care for details: only made out of recycled wood, each item is a numbered unique artisanal piece, executed entirely by hand to house within two shells the magnetic harmony of tambour sacré.








Corso Umberto I, 66

46100 - Mantova (MN)